Breast enlargement massage: Massaging the breasts to get pleasure as well as bigger breasts

You can be absolutely sure of one thing, that there is no shame in admitting your desire to have bigger and firmer breasts. However you should abstain from undergoing surgery or such other expensive procedures to get yourself bigger breasts. There are lots of breast enlargement exercises as well as breast enlargement massage and such other similar techniques by which you can definitely get bigger breasts. In this article you will come across the different types of massages which you can do on your breasts to increasing their size as well as maintain their firmness.

breast enlargement massage massaging the breasts to get pleasure as well as bigger breasts

Massage help

According to Thai medicine, if you massage your breasts regularly, then definitely you can increase its size. There are two primary effects brought about on the breast by the process of massaging. Firstly by massaging, the blood circulation in the breasts is increased and secondly the tissues present in the breasts are stretched out and make them appear to be bigger and firmer. During the process of massaging, you can use olive oil, almond oil or such other natural oils. The breast enlargement massage is one of the cheapest, easiest as well as fastest ways to increase the bust size and appear attractive.


In order to give your breast a good massage you need to follow the steps given below. Firstly you will need to rub the oil between your palms for about a couple of minutes to generate some amount of heat. Then you will be required to place the oil filled hand on the breast and moving them towards the inner part of the breast in a circular motion. You should do about 100 rubs on the breast twice a day, ideally once in the morning and then again before going off to bed. This routine must be followed for about 1 to two months to get the desired results from the breast enlargement massage.

How to Apply Makeup: Some How You Must Know

Women and makeup are two sides of a railway tracks. They can never be parted from each other no matter what. There are no scientific proofs regarding when and how did women learn to apply makeup. But even if the origin is not known, the art of How to Apply Makeup is known to all women. The level of knowledge of skill may vary though. All the professionals or those who are into the fashion or film industry are more familiar with the technique of applying makeup than ordinary people. A perfect makeup can be of two types. The one which either blends with your skin tone so flawlessly that it enhances each and every feature of your face, accentuating your natural beauty or the one which changes your look and gives you a completely different look.

how to apply makeup some how you must know

The Whys:

Whatever it may be, it is obvious just not enough only to love applying makeup, you must also know How to Apply Makeup. It is very important because if the makeup is not applied with proper technique then instead of making you look beautiful, it can make you look like a complete disaster. As far as the people with some fashion sense are concerned, they can easily make out the difference between a perfectly done, professional makeup and the try-hard amateur makeup.

Wings for the Art:

Applying makeup is a complete art. No one is born with this art. It can only be perfect with practice. You should try applying makeup on yourself or on others without any fear of making a mess or a disaster because even if you go wrong, all you will do is to start over from the scratch again. Give wings to your own creativity and don’t just stick to the traditional rules of How to Apply Makeup. It won’t come easy in the beginning but it will definitely come around baffling you.

Do What You Want:

Moreover makeup has always been a way of expressing oneself. Whether you are going with the wild, loud and sexy look or the nude, natural look, in a way it always expresses part of your personality. Like dresses, one should never makeup which they are expected to or asked for. Instead they must always go for applying makeup which they are comfortable with. Just have fun applying your makeup.