Tips for Choosing a Condo for Your Family

If you are planning to live in Singapore, it is quite obvious that you will look for a condominium that will provide you with the modern facilities. A modern development like Forest woods condo is one of the best destinations in Singapore where you can stay happily with your family. Now, while choosing a condo to live with your families there are certain things that should not be overlooked. If you follow the tips mentioned below you will be able to choose a condo that will be best for your family.

tips for choosing a condo for your family

Important tips for choosing a condo in Singapore

  • It is necessary to scrutinize the neighborhood where you are planning to buy the condo. Also look at the developments where the condo is to be purchased. What is the size of the property and is the property maintained nicely?
  • If there are residents in the condominium already then it is necessary that you try to get information about the environment of the condo. Ask the residents about the repairs and maintenance done in the condo and other facilities out there.
  • What is the distance of important things from the condo? Like, if there are shopping malls, medical facilities, education nearby?
  • Also check out about the rules and regulation of the local authorities while booking a condo. Like if you are booking a condo in Forest Woods, Singapore it is necessary that you follow the rules and regulations out there.
  • It is also necessary to plan out your budget so that you can decide about the type of apartment that you will choose. Generally in most of the condos you will get option for 1 Bedroom apartments to 4 Bedroom apartments. Thus, depending upon your budget you can choose any of the above apartments.

Buying a condo is important and if you follow the above tips you will surely be able to choose a condo that will be the best place to reside with your family.

Enjoy the fragrance of nature early day from Stars of Kovan condominium!

Everyone in this world requires shelter for their survival along with other needs. Thus, in the city of Garden getting a plot with all facilities is quite costly. But the Stars of Kovan in Singapore has established their world class apartments for families with every single need for moving a smooth life. Living at the blends of the environment of Singapore is very fascinating. Thus, the interior of the buildings has attracted huge eyes towards them with an upbringing of huge profits.

enjoy the fragrance of nature early day from stars of kovan condominium

Overview of location:

For any type of property based residential area probably the location plays a very vital role in impacting over the minds of human. Thus, these Stars of Kovan condominiums have been located within the 19 district near the MRT station. Certainly families willing to find their survival in the areas of Stars Kovan can enjoy every single accessibility facility of couriers at their doors. The joining midpoint location of Kovan has along all expressways have made them be in great demand by people. Thus, today eventually in this busy era easy availability of transportation has been a major question for property owning people. But these Kovan has resolved their queries with ease.


The lists of amenities being served are quite long, but some of those can be listed possibly:

  • Easy modes of transportation helping workmen reach their destinations on time.
  • Shopping and food haven for families on their weekends.
  • Short length foot walks facility at evening hours.
  • Swimming pools, gym and other playing grounds for helping people get fit and healthy.

These amenities allow families to view the nature from even close and feeling the fragrance of love.


Property owning people would be happy with the Stars of Kovan from their shelter at an easy rate.

What is the new Sturdee Residence at Farrer Park?

Time and again, Singapore has proven to be the hub for new condos and similar big projects. Over the years, tons of such projects have popped up, making the place full with big residential and other units. One such condominium project is called the Sturdee Residence. It is still a new development and something that is a work-in-progress.

what is the new sturdee residence at farrer park


As far as the location of this place is concerned, it is supposed to be set up in Jalan Besar at the place called Sturdee Road. The best part about this place is that it is always busy and as such, there are always tons of people roaming about this place, giving this new project the attention that it needs in order to grow bigger. The historical backdrop of the Jalan Besar further adds to that feeling of grandness.


The new Sturdee Residences at Farrer Park can be best described as a stunning piece of architecture that is quite unparalleled in design. The area it is located in is filled with tiny shop houses and other stalls. This mammoth of a building stands out among all the rest making it visible from miles away. This place also stands out because of how good a prospect it is for investment purposes.

Project Details

As far as the project details are concerned, it is based on a leasehold project that extends all the way up to 99 years. Not only that, location wise, this place is brilliant from all regards especially considering the fact that it is located almost next to the Farrer Park MRT station. This place is well connected to public transport from all sides. As you can see, the Sturdee Residence condo project is quite the thing to look forward to. It will be completely finished by the year of 2019 but even so, it is still something that a lot of people are already taking an interest in.

The Sims Urban Oasis covering all sorts of accommodation facilities

The Sims Urban Oasis is a highly popular residential project in Singapore. As the name suggests, the building is for residence purposes and at the same time it brings the beauty of nature within the land parcel and also provide the best view for the people who residing at this particular building.

the sims urban oasis convering all sorts of accommodation facilities


  • The Sims Urban Oasis was developed in the year 1978.
  • It was developed by the popular construction company of Singapore and presently it is serving as one of the best residential for several purposes and attracts lots of people for residing and enjoying the beauty of the place.
  • The project also enabled number of people with employment and with a good salary to spend their lives.

Characteristics of the residential building

The residential homes are very important especially for the tourist areas and for the places where the people needs to go for some important work. It is not that always the local people would have the need. The people from different areas may also have the need to visit to that place and therefore the developers should think of providing the best opportunity for the customers so that they get the most benefit from the residential home and at an affordable price. The urban residential homes may not need very much luxury as the luxury will enable more cost and that cost may be too much for the people who are visiting at that place therefore it is the duty of the owners to settle to some price that the people of average standard can afford to pay.


Presently the people are touring in those places where they can have the proper residential areas. The tourist places depend greatly on the residential buildings and that is Sims Drive – An Urban Oasis has made the beauty of the places more popular across the world.

The Centrium Square is also popular among the tourists

The Centrium Square (former Serangoon Plaza) commercial office building located along Serangoon Road in Singapore has numbers of reasons to be popular place throughout the world. The design that it is based is based is one of the finest scripture on the building that provides a soothing appearance to the building. The place is not only for the business deals but also for the tourists to visit and admire the beauty of the place.

the centrium square is also popular among the tourists

Reason to have squarer shape

There are several reasons for having the square shape design and that reason provides

  • Attributed development and it is very much near to the Marina Bay Sands and Orchard shopping district. Though the development is commercial but it uses the freehold tenure.
  • The beauty of the plates is very much durable. The durability of the plate is due to the material that is being used during the manufacture.
  • The plate that is used in these commercial building provides the business deals and at the same time it is also a place where the tourists visits to have the beauty of the building and decorations of the plate that is being quite popular throughout the world.

The Centrium Square provides a refined layout and using such to the decoration of the building provides an awesome appearance and this helps in providing the high rentals. The facilities also attribute to the top notch facilities and the layout provides the best view of every portion of the layout.


The Centrium Square is developed and provided the attractive look by the Feature Development. It consisted of various units and based on the units the selections are made for better suits. The freehold portion provides a good view and also bears the human traffic around the area.

The Poiz Residences attracting various people for its unique features

Poiz Residences is just a new upcoming project with mixed development that is located at Potong Pasir which is very much near to Potong Pasir MRT and is just opposite to Sennett Estate. It has been made by MCC Land and it has got 731 residential places as well as 84 commercial places. These residences have been made in a unique style and design and with the best quality of materials. This Poiz residential complex ensures that all its residents get all their amenities, entertainments as well as transports in the best way possible.

the poiz residences attracting various people for its unique features


  • Being located on the city fringe it has got connectivity to the main expressways like CTE, KPE, and PIE; to the major business areas and to the Orchard Road.
  • It is very much near to the Kallang Riverside which is a major tourist place of attraction.
  • The NEX shopping mall is also very much close to this residence.
  • The people of this residence can enjoy the facility of shopping as well as dining at the Serangoon Shopping and Town Centre, Heartland Mall and also in Teck Chye Street.

Amazing Features of Poiz Residences condo

  • The Poiz Residences is just one minute from Potong Pasir MRT.
  • Here all the residents can enjoy all types of condominium facilities.
  • Here many different variety and sizes of bedrooms are available with good pricing.
  • Many good schools both primary as well as secondary schools like Maris Stella High School, St. Poiz Junior School, Stamford American International School, and Cedar Primary School j are very much near to this residential complex.
  • It has also got easy access to various expressways, business centres as well as to various shopping malls.

Other facilities within Poiz Residences

The amazing and luxurious newly launched condo at Potong Pasir has got many unique facilities within it. Here within these Poiz residences once can enjoy the facility of aqua gyms, clubs, sun deck, children’s playground, indoor gym, yoga deck, function rooms, guard house as well as BBQ areas. Visit official website at for more information.

Skies 39 Condo – one of the best Condos in the city of Singapore

When you talk about the best Condominium in Toa Payoh area then it is quite clear that Skies 39 Condo will be considered as one of the best options. The luxurious landscape along with the other necessary facilities has made this Condominium a special place to enjoy. You will be able to enjoy the best transportation system in this area and you will also be able to enjoy the grand lifestyle over here.

skies 39 condo one of the best condos in the city of singapore

Complex Details

There are five hundred twenty units in this Skies 39 Toa Payoh condominium. Braddell MRT station is extremely near from this place. If you want to enjoy nature then Toa Payoh Safra is going to provide you the same. Along with that you can get all other options of entertainment by doing shopping, dining and other entertainments in the entertainment mall. The access to CBD from Skies 29 Condo is very near. There are plenty of expressways to reach over there in quick time. Orchard shopping belt is also quite near from this condo. The overall atmosphere of this place is like a perfect resort and this very thing will surely be liked by you when you will live in one of the apartments of this wonderful project.

Other Attractions

Loving nature is now a common thing and you will surely like to stay in a place where you can enjoy the nature the best. In such a scenario it will be great if you can go to Mac Ritchie because the Reservoir Park over there is a perfect place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Overall, if you really want to book an apartment in one of the best Condos in Singapore then Skies 39 Condo can be considered as one of the best options that you can choose for yourself. Its location and other facilities will surely make you satisfied.

Things to know about the Peak @ Shangri La

The Peak @ Shangri La at Phnom Penh is basically a mixed development condo which comprises of residential houses along with offices and shopping malls. Hotels are also a part of this project and their development is managed by the hotel management company named Shangri-La. The Phnom Penh skyline is covered up by two residential buildings along with commercial buildings which gives shelter to offices and of course the Shangri-La hotel itself.

things to know about the peak shangri la

Since it has this unique development structure featuring a partnership with the renowned Shangri-La hotel, there are many features and characteristics about the place that are intriguing and at times impossible to compete with by other developments. Some of these include:

  • Convenient location
  • Integration with the well renowned Shangri-La hotel
  • Finishing of the highest quality
  • A very healthy yield from rents
  • Excellent capital gain

About Shangri-La Hotel

The Peak @ Shangri La story initially began way back in 1971 when they launched their first ever deluxe hotel. The place where they set it up was Singapore. They haven’t looked back since then and today, they are the leading hotel management group in the Asia Pacific area. Shangri-La Hotel now owns a total of around 91 hotels as well as resorts in that area. Along with those, there are a bunch of hotels being developed in other places as well including China, India, Sri Lanka, Qatar etc.

Reasons for Investing

  • This place has a potentially high GDP growth
  • It also has a strong demand which is increasing everyday from foreign companies
  • Similar to The Bridge Cambodia, The Peak @ Shangri La has no form of capital gain taxes or a system of foreign levies.
  • Strategic location of Cambodia near to Vietnam, Thailand etc. allows it to share the economic growth of its surrounding locations.
  • There are still a lot of resources in this place that have not been fully exploited yet and are still in their untapped state.

The advantages of living in Waterbay at Serangoon

The huge condominium complex presented by Kingsford Development – Waterbay Serangoon offers a number of advantages. Here are the reasons why you should choose to live here:

the advantages of living in waterbay at serangoon

  1. Waterbay Serangoon is located beside the Punggol Park in District 19. It is one of the most prized, high class, quiet residential neighborhood in Singapore. You can now experience a serene atmosphere, peace and tranquility in your home that is unmatched.
  2. This huge complex is spread over a vast estate comprising of nine residential blocks. You can choose out of 1165 apartments. There are one to five bedroom apartments in the complex as well as a few strata terraces. No matter how big or small a space you want, Waterbay at Serangoon will have something that you like. And you are bound to fall in love with the unobstructed view of Sungei Serangoon.
  3. Though you can enjoy, peaceful, tranquil and pollution free living at the Waterbay at Serangoon you will still be within easy reach of the central business district and can easily conduct your business. The Orchard Road shopping district is one of the most happening areas in Singapore and lies only at half an hour away. Trains and buses are abundant while car owners can use the Kallang Paya Lebar expressway.
  4. In keeping with the other projects presented by Kingsford Development, the Kingsford Waterbay at Serangoon is also provided with all the amenities that you require for a high class living. Such amenities include round the clock security, function room, tennis court, swimming pool, gym, jogging track, basement car park, Jacuzzi and many more.
  5. Finally, supermarkets like Greenwich V and the Seletar Mall take care of everyday needs and provide wholesome family entertainment. The upcoming waterfront megamall will offer tremendous opportunities for entertainment including fine dining and 1000 seater multiplex.