Things to know about the Peak @ Shangri La

The Peak @ Shangri La at Phnom Penh is basically a mixed development condo which comprises of residential houses along with offices and shopping malls. Hotels are also a part of this project and their development is managed by the hotel management company named Shangri-La. The Phnom Penh skyline is covered up by two residential buildings along with commercial buildings which gives shelter to offices and of course the Shangri-La hotel itself.

things to know about the peak shangri la

Since it has this unique development structure featuring a partnership with the renowned Shangri-La hotel, there are many features and characteristics about the place that are intriguing and at times impossible to compete with by other developments. Some of these include:

  • Convenient location
  • Integration with the well renowned Shangri-La hotel
  • Finishing of the highest quality
  • A very healthy yield from rents
  • Excellent capital gain

About Shangri-La Hotel

The Peak @ Shangri La story initially began way back in 1971 when they launched their first ever deluxe hotel. The place where they set it up was Singapore. They haven’t looked back since then and today, they are the leading hotel management group in the Asia Pacific area. Shangri-La Hotel now owns a total of around 91 hotels as well as resorts in that area. Along with those, there are a bunch of hotels being developed in other places as well including China, India, Sri Lanka, Qatar etc.

Reasons for Investing

  • This place has a potentially high GDP growth
  • It also has a strong demand which is increasing everyday from foreign companies
  • Similar to The Bridge Cambodia, The Peak @ Shangri La has no form of capital gain taxes or a system of foreign levies.
  • Strategic location of Cambodia near to Vietnam, Thailand etc. allows it to share the economic growth of its surrounding locations.
  • There are still a lot of resources in this place that have not been fully exploited yet and are still in their untapped state.

How to Apply Makeup: Some How You Must Know

Women and makeup are two sides of a railway tracks. They can never be parted from each other no matter what. There are no scientific proofs regarding when and how did women learn to apply makeup. But even if the origin is not known, the art of How to Apply Makeup is known to all women. The level of knowledge of skill may vary though. All the professionals or those who are into the fashion or film industry are more familiar with the technique of applying makeup than ordinary people. A perfect makeup can be of two types. The one which either blends with your skin tone so flawlessly that it enhances each and every feature of your face, accentuating your natural beauty or the one which changes your look and gives you a completely different look.

how to apply makeup some how you must know

The Whys:

Whatever it may be, it is obvious just not enough only to love applying makeup, you must also know How to Apply Makeup. It is very important because if the makeup is not applied with proper technique then instead of making you look beautiful, it can make you look like a complete disaster. As far as the people with some fashion sense are concerned, they can easily make out the difference between a perfectly done, professional makeup and the try-hard amateur makeup.

Wings for the Art:

Applying makeup is a complete art. No one is born with this art. It can only be perfect with practice. You should try applying makeup on yourself or on others without any fear of making a mess or a disaster because even if you go wrong, all you will do is to start over from the scratch again. Give wings to your own creativity and don’t just stick to the traditional rules of How to Apply Makeup. It won’t come easy in the beginning but it will definitely come around baffling you.

Do What You Want:

Moreover makeup has always been a way of expressing oneself. Whether you are going with the wild, loud and sexy look or the nude, natural look, in a way it always expresses part of your personality. Like dresses, one should never makeup which they are expected to or asked for. Instead they must always go for applying makeup which they are comfortable with. Just have fun applying your makeup.

The advantages of living in Waterbay at Serangoon

The huge condominium complex presented by Kingsford Development – Waterbay Serangoon offers a number of advantages. Here are the reasons why you should choose to live here:

the advantages of living in waterbay at serangoon

  1. Waterbay Serangoon is located beside the Punggol Park in District 19. It is one of the most prized, high class, quiet residential neighborhood in Singapore. You can now experience a serene atmosphere, peace and tranquility in your home that is unmatched.
  2. This huge complex is spread over a vast estate comprising of nine residential blocks. You can choose out of 1165 apartments. There are one to five bedroom apartments in the complex as well as a few strata terraces. No matter how big or small a space you want, Waterbay at Serangoon will have something that you like. And you are bound to fall in love with the unobstructed view of Sungei Serangoon.
  3. Though you can enjoy, peaceful, tranquil and pollution free living at the Waterbay at Serangoon you will still be within easy reach of the central business district and can easily conduct your business. The Orchard Road shopping district is one of the most happening areas in Singapore and lies only at half an hour away. Trains and buses are abundant while car owners can use the Kallang Paya Lebar expressway.
  4. In keeping with the other projects presented by Kingsford Development, the Kingsford Waterbay at Serangoon is also provided with all the amenities that you require for a high class living. Such amenities include round the clock security, function room, tennis court, swimming pool, gym, jogging track, basement car park, Jacuzzi and many more.
  5. Finally, supermarkets like Greenwich V and the Seletar Mall take care of everyday needs and provide wholesome family entertainment. The upcoming waterfront megamall will offer tremendous opportunities for entertainment including fine dining and 1000 seater multiplex.

Northpark Condo for a hassle free living

Northpark Residences condominium are understood to be among the greatest condominiums situated in the middle of the Yishun. The spacious and big condominiums really are a hot property and contain suitable places. The project’s name is Symphony Suites. We also can take you to your tour if you’re considering seeing the area.

northpark condo for a hassle free living

You can find a number of other condominiums which are designed around the Yishun state. They’ve suitable and nice lodging like the Northpark condo which is not inaccessible to a lot of other places you can travel around using the train. There’s the MRT station, from where trains can board and cover any places that you would like to be. The centre in Yishun city’s heart has exploded. There are a number of primary schools you can go to for the son or daughter. A few of them are north see chongfu primary school, Xhisan primary school, and primary schools. In addition they possess the privilege to go to schools including a 4 year school degrees for pupils.

Experience this Northpark residences condominium that is lavish. The of them are encompassed by the lovely green scenery and areas to walk. There exists a pool as well as a gymnasium. If you would like to learn, phone the number supplied on their web site.

Why one should choose Bellewaters Condo?

The all new Bellewaters Condo, an impressive executive condominium is located in the town of Sengkang West along the Anchorvale Crescent. The condo is located at a stone’s throw distance away from both Sengkang Sports Recreation Centre and Sengkang Riverside Park. Sengkang as is well known is bring developed as a self sufficient satellite township with the presence of the Sengkang MRT station, with a bevy of amenities and features like schools, hospitals, recreation and sports centers and last but not the least with the presence of quite a few shopping malls.

why one should choose bellewaters condo

Within a short 30 minutes span, one can reach Harbourfront MRT where one can easily get a choice of his or her public transport. A well known shopping mall in the vicinity called Fernvale Point has a shopping complex with plenty of food stalls and that perfect cozy coffee shop. One can do all his or her shopping in Sengkang itself without venturing out of the locality. There are other shopping malls like the Rivervale Mall Rivervale Plaza for the shopping lovers to venture into. Last but not the least, a reference to the Jalan Kayu is a must as it is a hot favorite with its popular roadside eateries where can enjoy the delicious food to one’s heart content.

Be Closer to nature at Bellewaters Condo

If one loves nature then this condo is just the perfect place for the nature lovers. There is the huge Sengkang Riverside Park where one can go for that perfect stroll in the mornings or in the evenings. The polyclinic, a post office, the schools, the community club are all in the near by vicinity. The locality also has a school for toddlers as well a school exclusively for mentally challenges. And finally, the book worms should not be disappointed as there also exists a public library for the students and book worms.

Get More Benefits Living in Condo

Condo unit is becoming a trend when it comes to modern living. The real estate industries around the world are investing more on condominium development just like building new homes in Singapore. Therefore, there must be greater benefits of owning a condo unit than just living in traditional homes. Let the condominium owners prove otherwise.

get more benefits living in condo

The fact that you own a condominium unit is something already than just renting a place. We can think of security and great number of other amenities provided for good living and comfort. Although we can point out many other benefits, owning a condo unit is not merely a financial responsibility, but more so, a social commitment.

One major consideration of owning a condo unit is the cost. Other than the regular cost of mortgage, there are other costs that go with condominium unit ownership including monthly owner’s fee and insurance. The monthly fee pays for the general upkeep and other costs in maintaining good living condition of the whole condominium complex.

If you are in Singapore and contemplating of investing in a condominium unit, consider the currently developed residential area called Marine Blue Singapore. This location includes 124 units housed in its Marine Blue condo building. The Marine Blue by Capitaland is a great addition to the real estate development along Marine Parade Road.

The cost of investing for a unit in Marine parade condo is sufficed with great environment and unique facilities including a clubhouse, function room complete with indoor gym, outdoor fitness station, swimming pool and children playground. The proximity of Marine Blue condo is very near to restaurants, shopping centers and popular malls including Katong i12 mall, Parkway Parade and Roxy Square. Therefore, you will be considering the cost of living in Marine Blue Singapore as more of a benefit for you and your family. It is a beneficial investment living in a condominium unit.

Highline Residences Singapore for better lifestyle

If you are looking for a residence in Singapore, that will not only provide you a living space, but also a class and a superior lifestyle, then look no further, as a number of Highline residences are coming up in Singapore to offer you a better way of life. The Highline Residences condo usually refers to high-class apartments which have separate units of varied size and price that can be owned or rented by individuals. However, condominiums are bit costlier than regular apartments, but these also offer you full ownership of your property and better amenities like – swimming pool, gymnasium, club, playground, tennis court etc.

highline residences singapore for better lifestyle

These Highline residences are being developed by some of the well-known property builders in the industry and the names itself can assure you of the distinctive services and the quality of your purchase. These condominiums are being constructed mostly in the south and west coast of Singapore, in the posh areas of Orchard, Holland, Tanglin and Bukit Timah. You will not only find top-notch facilities that you can think of, but also hassle free transport and communication system, reputed international schools in the vicinity, so that you do not need to worry about your children’s education. The condominiums in the areas like Orchard Road, Sentosa or Keppel Bay have situated in the heart of the city, giving you access to all types of shopping destination, restaurants, clubs and pubs, multiplexes in a matter of few minutes drive.

These Highline residences are really expansive, full of lush vegetation and they offer condominiums of various sizes and of wide-ranging prices from which you can choose the one best that suits your budget. So, if you can a classy lifestyle with high-class residence and you have the budget, then you should opt for the Highline Residences Singapore to make your life happening.

The rising demand for Commonwealth Towers condos in Singapore

Luxury condos are in good demand as cities develop into extra populated. Men and women enjoy to live in condos due to the fact it affords them luxury as well as enables them to reside in urbanized places. Almost all cities have develop into too crowded and condos will be the only way out. Singapore is one particular country where land is scarce and creating condos is definitely the method to go. It’s also really well populated and it is population density is rather higher. Folks possess a higher earnings level when in comparison with quite a few other Asian nations. The many people of Singapore love an incredibly high normal of just living. Many people of Singapore just really like a place like the Commonwealth Tower. You might commonly hear with regards to Queenstown in Singapore as well as these kinds of Commonwealth Towers are situated right here. You are going to basically love the sight of these types of two majestic podiums. The name on the avenue where these towers are located is called Commonwealth Avenue.

the rising demand for commonwealth towers condos in singapore

They are meant to become regarding forty three floors and every tower will offer the quite very best in services. When you choose you’ll be able to basically decide to buy a 1 bedroom apartment in these kinds of condos. These kind of podiums are built in certainly one of one of the almost all sought after place in Singapore. Folks who purchase a Commonwealth Towers condo would feel particularly proud of their buy. You can find places where you could even go shopping and all these kind of places are extremely close for the two podiums. The Commonwealth Towers are an awesome spot to live as they also represent a fantastic investment. You can expect to gain access to a gym as well as a sizable swimming pool as well. You can expect to appreciate these types of amenities provided in each Commonwealth Towers condo. A good amount of many people are taking an interest in Commonwealth Towers Singapore and this interest is constantly grow. There can be no substantial industries in this area and so there is certainly extremely tiny pollution. There area is effectively created with great tree layered avenues and little parks.

Men and women can anticipate the remaining condos to be completed shortly. The two towers are expected to possess a total of over 800 condos. Lots of people today have liked the concept and possess even reserved their condos now. There are people who feel that these condos are likely to be congested. You can find fast moving lifts offered in each and every structure. The interiors of those condos are beautifully made with superb electronic and kitchen fittings. The Commonwealth Towers condo is probably to become the are jealous of of all these who have not purchased one particular. The view from these types of top of each and every condo is exhilarating. These kinds of condos happen to be built with just about every need kept in mind and nothing at all is forgotten. All of those condos inside the two towers are extremely straightforward to reside in and they are incredibly comfortable. You will find which the condos with 4 bedrooms have a lot of inbuilt space and also you can turn out to be quite comfy here.

The Perfect Homes for each Lifestyle Need

Consider your select from a range of 1 to 3-room units that can come with furniture units. The ways you should use this innovative area are endless. Select should you like the freedom in needs the double-key models which also include furniture units. You’ve another self-contained, in addition to your own house ensuite using entry and its key. Choose to rent out it, transform it right into a home business office or have expanded children living or your parents there. As well as for the best in luxurious living, pick the penthouses that include grand ceilings. Whatever device form you select, you’ll enjoy wonderful landscapes of relaxing Kallang River, the lively town or even the spectacular ocean.

the perfect homes for each lifestyle need

A Beautiful Skyline that Dazzles the Feelings

The fascinating sights. The city’s power. The river’s peace. The modern lifestyle. There’s just one spot to appreciate all of them at Citygate Singapore. Plentiful water characteristics and lavish landscaping produce a hip contemporary resort atmosphere to treat its citizens. Enjoy laps within perhaps a beverage or the 40m Great swimming or two in the pool Club. Observe and become observed in the Sun-Deck or enjoy personal occasions in the Club Cove. Spend quality time with household or friends in picnic Area, the Horseshoe Club or distinctive Hot Stone Grill. There’s also numerous places where you have tea for 2 or simply are able to flake out together with your favorite book. And you’re, you’ll continually be surrounded from the wonderful landscapes of the spectacular city skyline and also relaxing Kallang River.

Luxury in the Air

To amenities about the storey, head-up for luxury on the high level at Citygate Singapore. Be welcomed by fascinating sights of the ocean, water as well as the town. Every second up below will be spectacular, regardless of what period of your day it might be. Whilst the sun portrays and rises its rays of sunshine within the town, have meditative time or a peaceful yoga program. Cognac, enjoy drinks and also the ocean views in the Sky Lounge. Host a social gathering to consider in the Atmosphere Teppanyaki Grill. Or finish your day by having an invigorating exercise in the Atmosphere Gym around you all whilst the lamps of the town sparkle.