Luxurious Caribbean Properties

When someone thinks about the Caribbean, one thing that comes into mind is the luxurious properties and lifestyle. There are so many to choose from, if you are looking for this type of property, here is a list of some luxurious Caribbean properties:

Luxurious Caribbean Properties
  1. Casa De Leon – it is situated in the eastern part of the paradise island, Bahamas. It is a private community and part of Ocean Club Estates. The property has five bedrooms, parking space for two cars and a modern media room. Also, there is a separate garage to accommodate your golf cart. The master bedroom has a view of the ocean and an infinity pool. This property costs about $18 million.
  2. Jacaranda, Bahamas – this is a private area that expands over 100 acres in Lyford, Cay. Owning a property will have an access to their golf course, marina, twelve tennis courts and a private beach that stretches half a mile. The property boasts of seven rooms which are fully furnished, a library, four golf carts and a bar. Also, there is a children’s playground across the main house. For this luxurious property, it costs $12.5 million.
  3. Yellowhouse, Lyford Cay – this property is very private, it has five landscaped acres with a private beach. The house has four suite bedrooms, a gym, pool and separate quarters for the staff. You can enjoy this private property at $36 million.
  4. Three bedroom apartment – this is located in Paynes Bay, St. James. It is a fully furnished condominium with a private beach that is complete with umbrellas and sun loungers. Also, it has a big outdoor terrace and the plunge pool is overlooking the sea. A much affordable luxurious property at $2 million.
  5. The Residences – it is located in the southwestern part of St. Lucia, there are forty-two properties developed and sold. Price ranges from $2.4-$9 million.

If you are looking for luxurious properties in the Caribbean, these are some of your best choices.

Features Of A Profitable Caribbean Commercial Properties

Purchasing a commercial property in the Caribbean is a profitable investment. However, there are some factors to avoid before finalizing the investment. Generally, a commercial property in the Carribean has high returns if the following factors are taken into consideration.


A commercial property can be successful if it is situated in a quality neighborhood because you can determine what type of clients to attract. For example, if the property is located along the vicinity of universities, you can attract more students and become your potential customers but during school breaks, the sales will go down. In this case, you will be able to study how to increase sales even if it is not school season. With this, the quality of a neighborhood can greatly affect the success of a commercial property. As a result, the value of the property will also increase.

Learn the Beginner’s Guide About Commercial Property Investment

For those who are new in the business, it is a good idea to learn the beginner’s guide of commercial property investment. When it comes to this kind of business, you do not have to start really big especially if the budget is insufficient. You can invest in middle class commercial properties or a location that is most accessible by people. This way, you do will not have a hard time to advertise your space or to attract more customers.


Features Of A Profitable Caribbean Commercial Properties

When choosing a commercial property, take note of public transport stations, malls, condos, gyms and all other related major amenities must be near to attract potential customers and the property’s value too. Look for the combination of private and public amenities within the area of the property.


Where there are more jobs in a specific location, the opportunities can be endless. A big chunk of the workforce will help the property to prosper.

Rent Rates

If you choose to allow tenants to rent your commercial property, rental rates must be within the average rate of the location. Also, consider that rental rates can cover payments, overheads and taxes. If you are still unsure of the average rate, research the entire neighborhood rental rate to charge the best possible rate.

Prepare for Natural Calamities

Features Of A Profitable Caribbean Commercial Properties

Getting an insurance is an additional expense for the business but if the property is more prone to earthquakes or flooding, an additional insurance to protect from natural calamities is an investment.

Features Of A Profitable Caribbean Commercial Properties

Gather Important Information

Gathering important information on the commercial property like neighborhood, property taxes, insurance rates are very important to address pressing issues that need immediate action.

Finally, in the Caribbean, almost all islands have good districts and neighborhood but it takes proper planning and keen observation to be successful in this endeavour.

A Guide In Choosing A Caribbean Real Estate Development

Caribbean is such a very nice location for people who are looking for properties either for personal or business use. Are you currently looking out for a real estate development in Caribbean? If you are, then you should choose a developer that has in-depth knowledge about the place before you decide to transact or make deals with any agency You can find a number of companies over the internet that can help you on this matter, but before calling them for any transactions, you may want to get information first as to how you can choose this right one. Below is a guide:

A Guide In Choosing A Caribbean Real Estate Development
  • The company is leading in the real estate development, investment and asset management in Caribbean. This is very important for a buyer to know since it can mean that it has established good business for a long time.
  • You can see details of the amount that they have already acquired, developed redeveloped in the real estate assets in Caribbean. This is an indicator that the company has already done and achieved successful projects.
  • The company offers a lot of strategic advantages in terms of the location of their offices.
  • They offer a wide array of real estate developments which may include residential, commercials, condominiums, vacation homes, etc. There are some companies that specialize in a specific type of development. Choose the one that offers what you want and desire.
  • They can assist you in finding the perfect real estate opportunity for you.
  • They have established good working relationship with other clients because of their ethical standards and integrity.
  • Most of all, your real estate investments should be profitable, enjoyable and worth it.

Therefore, whether you invest in land, luxury homes, condos, project developments, etc., the company should be able to meet your needs and has the right people that listens, understands and are knowledgeable in this industry.

Top Places To Buy Caribbean Land For Sale

Owning a property in the Caribbean may seem impossible and remains a dream for many, only those multimillionaires can afford. However, buying a Caribbean land for sale offers a great potential to earn more, given that you are knowledgeable of the best places to invest. These places offer a divine weather, natural beauty and just a few drawbacks and one of them is the expensive cost of land. The top places to buy a Caribbean land for sale are the following:

Top Places To Buy Caribbean Land For Sale
  1. Trinidad and Tobago – They are the leading producer of gas and oil and stands out as an industrialized country. Their economy is dependent on the oil industry while tourism is growing and helps a big percentage of their labor force. It has a high GDP in $19,800 and a growth rate of 12%. The country sets apart from all other countries in the Caribbean because it is safe from hurricane and other natural calamities. The liability of the country is with the increasing crime rate, the reason why investors buy properties in safer areas of the island.
  2. Aruba – The official motto of Aruba is “One Happy Island”. With their tourism industry that is booming and the residential population are prosperous, the country is one of the top places to invest in the Caribbean region. Each year, over 1.5 million tourists visit Aruba, 75% are from the US. The country’s GDP is $21,800, the second-highest among the Caribbean islands, next to the Cayman Islands. The second important advantage for residents and tourists is that the island has a low crime rate. Also, it is situated below the hurricane area and safe from natural calamities.
  3. Dominican Republic – This country is different from Trinidad and Tobago and Aruba because it is located in the hurricane belt. With this weakness, they compensate it with the size of the country, it is larger than most Caribbean countries and offers big opportunities for a more affordable real estate property. The economy depends mainly on tourism that accounts 58.2% of the total GDP, this industry employs over one-half of the total labor force.
Top Places To Buy Caribbean Land For Sale

These are the top places to buy land for sale in the Caribbean.