The Centrium Square is also popular among the tourists

The Centrium Square (former Serangoon Plaza) commercial office building located along Serangoon Road in Singapore has numbers of reasons to be popular place throughout the world. The design that it is based is based is one of the finest scripture on the building that provides a soothing appearance to the building. The place is not only for the business deals but also for the tourists to visit and admire the beauty of the place.

the centrium square is also popular among the tourists

Reason to have squarer shape

There are several reasons for having the square shape design and that reason provides

  • Attributed development and it is very much near to the Marina Bay Sands and Orchard shopping district. Though the development is commercial but it uses the freehold tenure.
  • The beauty of the plates is very much durable. The durability of the plate is due to the material that is being used during the manufacture.
  • The plate that is used in these commercial building provides the business deals and at the same time it is also a place where the tourists visits to have the beauty of the building and decorations of the plate that is being quite popular throughout the world.

The Centrium Square provides a refined layout and using such to the decoration of the building provides an awesome appearance and this helps in providing the high rentals. The facilities also attribute to the top notch facilities and the layout provides the best view of every portion of the layout.


The Centrium Square is developed and provided the attractive look by the Feature Development. It consisted of various units and based on the units the selections are made for better suits. The freehold portion provides a good view and also bears the human traffic around the area.