The Sims Urban Oasis covering all sorts of accommodation facilities

The Sims Urban Oasis is a highly popular residential project in Singapore. As the name suggests, the building is for residence purposes and at the same time it brings the beauty of nature within the land parcel and also provide the best view for the people who residing at this particular building.

the sims urban oasis convering all sorts of accommodation facilities


  • The Sims Urban Oasis was developed in the year 1978.
  • It was developed by the popular construction company of Singapore and presently it is serving as one of the best residential for several purposes and attracts lots of people for residing and enjoying the beauty of the place.
  • The project also enabled number of people with employment and with a good salary to spend their lives.

Characteristics of the residential building

The residential homes are very important especially for the tourist areas and for the places where the people needs to go for some important work. It is not that always the local people would have the need. The people from different areas may also have the need to visit to that place and therefore the developers should think of providing the best opportunity for the customers so that they get the most benefit from the residential home and at an affordable price. The urban residential homes may not need very much luxury as the luxury will enable more cost and that cost may be too much for the people who are visiting at that place therefore it is the duty of the owners to settle to some price that the people of average standard can afford to pay.


Presently the people are touring in those places where they can have the proper residential areas. The tourist places depend greatly on the residential buildings and that is Sims Drive – An Urban Oasis has made the beauty of the places more popular across the world.