What is the new Sturdee Residence at Farrer Park?

Time and again, Singapore has proven to be the hub for new condos and similar big projects. Over the years, tons of such projects have popped up, making the place full with big residential and other units. One such condominium project is called the Sturdee Residence. It is still a new development and something that is a work-in-progress.

what is the new sturdee residence at farrer park


As far as the location of this place is concerned, it is supposed to be set up in Jalan Besar at the place called Sturdee Road. The best part about this place is that it is always busy and as such, there are always tons of people roaming about this place, giving this new project the attention that it needs in order to grow bigger. The historical backdrop of the Jalan Besar further adds to that feeling of grandness.


The new Sturdee Residences at Farrer Park can be best described as a stunning piece of architecture that is quite unparalleled in design. The area it is located in is filled with tiny shop houses and other stalls. This mammoth of a building stands out among all the rest making it visible from miles away. This place also stands out because of how good a prospect it is for investment purposes.

Project Details

As far as the project details are concerned, it is based on a leasehold project that extends all the way up to 99 years. Not only that, location wise, this place is brilliant from all regards especially considering the fact that it is located almost next to the Farrer Park MRT station. This place is well connected to public transport from all sides. As you can see, the Sturdee Residence condo project is quite the thing to look forward to. It will be completely finished by the year of 2019 but even so, it is still something that a lot of people are already taking an interest in.